Updated list of scholarship opportunities (and related topics) with an emphasis toward (but not exclusive to) Historically Black Colleges and Universities and African-American Students
-Barry Wynn

Monday, April 21, 2008

This summer the Organization of Black Airline Pilots(OBAP)will hold 2Aviation Career Education Camps sponsored by Delta Air Lines.

The purpose of each one-week program is to introduce interested youth to the world of aviation by exposing them to the many challenging careers and opportunities which the aviation industry has to offer.
Please take the time to read the brochure/application and pass it along to anyone that you know who may be interested.

The age range is for boys and girls between 14-18 years old.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

NASA LARSS Internship Program –

Deadline Info: Summer – Feb. 1, 08; Fall – Mar. 6, 08; Spring 2009 – Oct. 24, 08NASA's Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars (LARSS) Program, hosted at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, offers paid 10-week summer or 15-week fall and spring internship experiences for rising college juniors and above.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens, have a 3.0/4.0 GPA, and be pursuing a major of interest to NASA including engineering, science, mathematics, or special project areas such as history, journalism, accounting, and photography. There are also opportunities for outstanding rising High School Seniors, College Freshmen, and Sophomores who have a 3.5 GPA and previous NASA program experience.See website for specific details.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply for the American Red Cross Presidential Internship Program: the only paid, summer internship program offered at the American Red Cross. With over 35 professional internships at our National Headquarters and salaries ranging from $440-800/week, the Presidential Internship Program is one of the premier internship programs in the United States. Some the perks for 2008 Presidential Interns include:

• A roundtable discussion with the Red Cross President and CEO.

• Brown-bag lunches and meetings with senior leadership and executives.

• Housing offered at special rates in nearby George Washington University Campus apartments.

• Opportunities to travel to national conferences and areas stricken by disaster.

• Information provided to you about Washington, D.C. networking events.

• A career development forum with professionals from the Red Cross and for-profit companies.

• An employee badge that allows unlimited access to employee lounges and a fitness center.

Open positions may be found by going to, clicking on jobs, followed by search openings, and then under the area of interest clicking “internships”. For more information about this year’s program you may visit the program’s external website at . Please feel free to use the Presidential Internship Program Flyer to share news of the program with your chapter members.
There are a number of simple step by step instructions that you need to follow for each Presidential Internship job that you select from a list to submit your cover letter/resume. American Red Cross at 202-303-5551 is manned 24 hours a day. You may have to leave a message for someone to get back to you to walk you through the steps. I have provided some detail steps for your convenience below.

Go to:

click on jobs either at the top of the page or next to Presidential Interns.
scroll down and click on

Search Openings: View all current openings or search on specific criteria to find jobs that match your interests. You will be asked to log in if you choose to submit to any of our vacancies.

scroll down on same page
leave All next to state
leave All next to country
at area of interest, scroll down to internship, then
scroll down to search, click which
takes you to jobs available and where
a number of Presidential Intern jobs are listed
with different areas of interested. I selected the area
of Program Management for a simple to walk you through.

Note if you are looking for other jobs you can follow the instructions below search on the same page.

On the page with jobs available listed scroll down to
your job # section and click on it like I did on job # 6446BR, Presidential Management Internship, Program Management, click on job # 6446BR,
click on submit job,
click yes under Security Information,
enter your e-mail address,
enter your password,
click yes under Security Information,
enter or paste the text of our cover letter

from here on you fellow the instructions according to your personal history and college works.... until you receive confirmation of your submission of the specific Presidential Internship job that you applied for and a note asking you to please print this email as confirmation of your resume submission.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

NASA offers fellowships to PhD and Masters students studying Earth and Space science. NASA released the notice for Fellowship applications for the 2008-9 academic year earlier this month.

For the 2008-9 academic year, the Fellowships allow for submissions from students pursuing interdisciplinary degrees linking Earth science research with policy and management studies. The attached document provides information about this interdisciplinary aspect and information to access the complete solicitation language.

The call for proposals was issued Nov. 1, 2007.

Proposals for new fellowships are due Feb. 1, 2008.

The solicitation and electronic submission are available through:

Select Solicitations, then select Open Solicitations, then select NESSF08.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Calculation of Graduation Rates Differ

If Congress doesn't get the job done, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings says she'll consider using her authority to require states to report high school graduation rates in a more uniform and accurate way.
"I think we need some truth in advertising," Spellings said in an interview, referring to the hodgepodge of ways states now report graduation data....

...Spellings pointed to a two-year-old agreement by the nation's governors to adopt a common method of calculating high school graduation rates.
It calls for states to develop systems that track individual students throughout school and record whether they transfer, drop out or graduate. In general, students who graduate on time and with regular diplomas would count toward a state's graduation rate. Research indicates students who take extra time to graduate or get alternatives to diplomas, such as a GED, generally don't do as well in college or the work force.

Full Article Here:Article


Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Drury Mirror - Edward Jones Center announces minority scholarship

The Drury Mirror Email Edition
Thursday, November 1, 2007

Article Emailed from a friend

- Barry*  

Edward Jones Center announces minority scholarship

The Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship announced the launch of a new minority scholarship for incoming students. Ten scholarships in the amount of $10,000 will be offered to future students who meet the criteria each academic year for the next four years, totaling forty students.

 * The sender's identity has not been verified.


Recommended: "Colleges pledge support for low-income students" recommends this article from The Christian Science Monitor

"...the heads of 19 state university systems are joining to make sure their policies match their rhetoric about more diversity and better learning. At stake, say policymakers, business leaders, and academics, are America's competitiveness, and its ability to deal with the costs of an aging baby-boomer population."

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Headline: Colleges pledge support for low-income students
Byline: Stacy Teicher Khadaroo Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Date: 11/01/2007
- Higher education leaders hear the rumbling – the steady complaints
that college is too expensive, and that even for those who manage to
find funding, too many fail to graduate.

In response, the heads of 19 state university systems are joining to
make sure their policies match their rhetoric about more diversity
and better learning. At stake, say policymakers, business leaders,
and academics, are America's competitiveness, and its ability to deal
with the costs of an aging baby-boomer population.

The National Associa­tion of System Heads (NASH) announced the launch
of the Access to Success Initiative Oct. 31. Its main goal is to
improve college attendance and completion for low-income and minority
students – and to close the gaps between them and other students in
half or more by 2015. The 19 systems – from Maryland to California –
will start collecting new sets of data to gauge progress.

"They're going to publish this information ... so they can have an
honest dialogue and make good on that public commitment to
transparency," says Ross Wiener, a vice president at The Education
Trust, a nonprofit that designed the tracking system with NASH. The
initiative is backed by the Lumina Foundation and the Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation.

This new level of leadership reflects a growing concern that the low
percentage of college degrees among some segments of US society holds
back not only individuals, but the nation as a whole.

Demographic projections for K-12 education show a steady rise in the
numbers of low-income and minority students, many of whom would be
the first in their family to attend college. "Every year it gets more
clear that ... the students we need to do best by ... are the
students that we've done worst by in the past," says William Doyle,
assistant professor of higher education at Vanderbilt University in

There's also a fairness issue, some say. "Capable students should not
be denied a higher education simply because of their income status,"
says Tom Meredith, NASH president.

Only 36 percent of college-qualified low-income students complete
bachelor's degrees within 8-1/2 years, compared with 81 percent of
high-income students, according to last year's report by the
Commission on the Future of Higher Education. And while state funding
for merit-based scholarships has grown 300 percent in the past 30
years, need-based aid has grown only 70 percent in the same period,
The Education Trust reports.

Redirecting financial aid toward those who need it most is high on
the Access to Success agenda. Participants have also formed a working
group to try to bring college costs under control.

Because public universities alone can't reform education, many of
them plan to form deeper connections with K-12 systems as well. Some
are working to boost teacher development so that fewer students will
be taught by those who lack expertise in their subjects.

Public colleges are finding that open access isn't enough, says
Professor Doyle: Students are often admitted based on minimum
standards, but then face "really tough standards ... when they take
the placement exams." If they have to take remedial courses, or if
they don't do well in "gatekeeper" courses, many drop out. Now, many
are considering revamping introductory courses and improving advising.

As president of the University of Louisiana System (one of the 19
participants), Sally Clausen wants to leave a legacy of a changed
culture in education. The Katrina disaster, in which she observed
that many poor and undereducated people had trouble accessing support
systems, "was a turning point for all of us [in education]," she
says. Instead of perhaps believing that when students drop out of
college, it's their own problem, "now we're taking the attitude that
.. it is our obligation to ensure that barriers are removed, that
advising is real and personal, that courses are available, that
tutors are available."

Ms. Clausen cites a 2006 report that estimated that if racial
minorities had the same educational attainment and earnings as
whites, personal income in Louisiana would be $4.6 billion higher.
"But it's more than that," she says. "We have a democracy in this
country that purports to provide for all, and we are just not doing
that as well for our underrepresented students."

Currently only about 40 percent of students in her system graduate
within six years. But in 2004, her universities set a goal to surpass
the national graduation rate by 2012. "We're treating all of our
students as we have treated honors students and athletes – we want to
track them and understand what their needs are," Clausen says.

Future downturns in higher-ed funding are a potential roadblock, says
Mr. Meredith of NASH. But he is hopeful that the commitment will hold
because so many state systems have joined together on it. The 19
systems enroll more than 2 million undergrads, including about
one-third of the low-income and minority students at four-year public
institutions, according to Education Trust.

(c) Copyright 2007 The Christian Science Monitor. All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fwd: [BisonEngineers] Fwd: Engineering/IT Positions

If you know of someone who is:
a) A U.S. Citizen (NON-NEGOTIABLE)
b) Is looking for full time employment in the Information Technology (IT) arena
c) Would like to work for a company with great benefits;
d) Is willing to commute every morning to Herndon, VA (near Dulles Airport),

Then please read on...


Java Software Engineer (mid level) to develop software solutions:
application development skills, including experience with J2EE, Servlets,
JDBC, EJB, JDBC, XML, XSLT, JMS, and Oracle. Requires a thorough
understanding of development lifecycle, including software design and
development of n-tier web applications.

QA Engineer (junior level) to test web applications. responsible for setting
and following process, testing procedures, implementing automated testing,
finding defects, and working with the team to produce a great product.
1-3 years experience preferred.

Business/Management Analyst (junior level) to develop functional
users' requirements. Actively soliciting, documenting and analyzing
customer requirements, and driving congruency between customer needs,
business requirements, and technology solution.
1-3 years experience preferred.

For More Information and consideration, please contact:
Mr. Ernest Brice via , 301-218-4559,
ext 266, fax: 301-218-6457





FAA is looking for high school grads to be air traffic controllers

The FAA is taking applications for air traffic controller school.  You need only a high school diploma to apply and credit is given for college on the exam.




Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Job Announcement - Aerospace Engineer, US Army, Hampton VA

This job announcement is for those who are currently employed by the federal government.

Vacancy Announcement Number:
Opening Date: October 26, 2007 Closing Date: December 26, 2007
Position: Aerospace Engineer, DB-0861-3
Salary: $75,414 - $98,041 Annual
Position Status: This is a Permanent position. -- Full Time
Number of Vacancy: 1
Duties: Is assigned to the US Army Aviation and Missile Command, Aeroflight Dynamics Directorate, and serves as a professional engineer in the NASA Langley Configuration Aerodynamics Branch. Is responsible for planning and conducting exploratory research in the area of rotorcraft interactional aerodynamics. The research involves experimental and analytical evaluation of advanced concepts as well as exploratory research of phenomena critical to the understanding of the unique and complex rotorcraft flow environment. Work includes performing independent studies or assignments, and/or participating as a member of a team assigned to complex experimental products. Assignments frequently involve developing concepts for which limited applied research has been previously accomplished.


Who May Apply: (Click on Who May Apply) All Federal employees serving on a career or career-conditional appointment. Reinstatement eligibles. Veterans and preference eligibles under Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998. (VEOA) Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) eligibles.

Qualifications: Click on link below to view qualification standard.
General Schedule
This position is included in a DoD Civilian Personnel Demonstration Project. The pay band is DB-03, which is equivalent to GS-12 - GS-13. BASIC REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's Degree in professional engineering. Curriculum must: (1) be in a school of engineering with 1 engineering curriculum accredited by ABET; or (2) include differential/integral calculus & courses (more advanced than 1st-year physics/chemistry) in 5 of 7 areas of engineering science/physics: statics, dynamics; strength of materials; fluid mechanics, hydraulics; thermodynamics; electric fields/circuits; nature/properties of materials; comparable area of engineering science/physics (e.g., optics/heat transfer/soil mechanics/mechanics). OR Combination of Education/Experience - college level education/experience that furnished knowledge of physical/mathematical science underlying professional engineering & understanding (theoretical/practical) of engineering sciences/techniques & applications to a branch of engineering. This must be demonstrated by 1 of the following: Professional Engineer Registration; Written test; Specific Academic Courses - 60 semester hours in physical/mathematical/engineering sciences that included courses acceptable toward meeting requirements as described in above; OR Related Curriculum - Completion of bachelor's degree in engineering technology/professional field provided applicant has 1 year of professional engineering experience under professional engineering supervision. In addition to Basic Requirements, applicants must have 1 year of specialized experience, equivalent to DB-2 or GS-11 level in Federal service, which involved planning/conducting exploratory research in interactional aerodynamics. This experience must have provided: Knowledge as a research engineer in rotorcraft aeromechanics; Ability to serve as a technical expert in experimental research technology for rotorcraft interactional aeromechanics; Skill in evaluating innovative rotorcraft concepts through application of existing/new experimental methods; Skill in interpreting experimental results, correlating results with analysis/identifying areas of improvement to analytical tools; Ability to work effectively on interdisciplinary teams as a specialist in rotorcraft aeromechanic; Skill in preparing clear/concise presentations for management review; Ability to stay abreast of state-of-the-art developments/technology transition opportunities; & Ability to serve as technical focus for experimental rotor design/loads/dynamics. FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS, go to:

GS-12 and above: Bachelor's degree directly related to this occupation and 1 year of experience directly related to this occupation equivalent to the next lower grade level. The experience described in your resume will be evaluated and screened for the Office of Personnel Management's basic qualifications requirements, and the skills needed to perform the duties of this position as described in this vacancy announcement. One year of experience in the same or similar work equivalent to at least the next lower grade or level requiring application of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position being filled. Only degrees from an accredited college or university recognized by the Department of Education are acceptable to meet positive education requirements or to substitute education for experience. For additional information, please go to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and U.S. Department of Education websites at - and On your resume, please include college/university, dates attended, degree achieved, semester hours earned, GPA, major field of study, 24 semester hours of specific courses and course hours in your major. Failure to provide this education information on your resume may result in an ineligible rating. Foreign education must be evaluated for U.S. equivalency in order to be considered for this position. Please include this information in your resume.

Other Information:(Click on Other Information)
To successfully claim veteran's preference, your resume/supplemental data must clearly show your entitlement. Please review the information listed under the Other Requirements link on this announcement or review our on-line Job Application Kit. Multiple positions will be filled from this announcement. The Department of Defense (DoD) policy on employment of annuitants issued March 18, 2004 will be used in determining eligibility of annuitants. The DoD policy is available on This is a Career Program Position (CP). # 16 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) expenses will be authorized. Temporary Duty (TDY) travel is 10 percent.

Other Requirements:(Click on Other Requirements)
Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance. You will be required to provide proof of U.S. Citizenship. Male applicants born after December 31, 1959 must complete a Pre-Employment Certification Statement for Selective Service Registration. Direct Deposit of Pay is Required. This is a DOD Demonstration Project position. Further certification from this announcement may take place up to 180 days beyond the closing date of this announcement.

How to Apply: (Click on How to Apply)
Resumes must be received by the closing date of this announcement. Self-nomination must be submitted by the closing date. Resume must be on file in our centralized database. Announcements close at 12:00am (midnight) Eastern Time.




SUBJECT: Hispanic PR Wire Release - Hispanic College Fund Announces NASA MUST Scholarships Now Available

October 30, 2007--A consortium led by the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) with the support of The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and the United Negro College Fund Special Programs Corporation (UNCFSP) announced the opening of the NASA MUST scholarship application. The NASA MUST scholarship application is now available online at with a deadline of February 1, 2008.

The full article is available by clicking on this link:

(c) 2007 All Rights Reserved. Hispanic PR Wire.


This story was sent to you by: Barry


HealthDay News

October 28 2007

Education delays dementia, but just wait

The complete article can be viewed at:,1,5038600.story

Visit at

Saturday, October 27, 2007

SaltLakeTribune: NAACP wants apology from founder

This article link was mailed to you by:
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Perhaps my outrage meter needs calibrating, but I'm not feeling this one: "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Salt Lake City chapter leaders and other community members organized a news conference Friday to call for Byrne to apologize and to refrain from using terms such as "burn" when referring to kids."

NAACP wants apology from founder - By Jennifer W. Sanchez
The Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 8:25 PM- The NAACP is demanding a public apology from founder and CEO Patrick Byrne for saying minority students who do not graduate from high school might as well be burned or thrown away. View Full Story

This e-mail was initiated by machine [] at IP [].

The Science Education Myth


Business Week Online

Barry sent you a Business Week link and the following message:
"With U.S. competitiveness at stake, we need to get our priorities straight. Education is really important, and a well-educated workforce is what will help the U.S. keep its global edge. But emphasizing math and science education over humanities and social sciences may not be the best prescription for the U.S. We need our children to receive a balanced and broad education."

The Science Education Myth
Forget the conventional wisdom. U.S. schools are turning out more capable science and engineering grads than the job market can support

Please note: if you no longer wish to receive these messages, please contact the sender (, not Business Week Online. - Minnesota Plan Gives Scholarships for Child Care

Barry thought you would be interested in this story: NPR : Minnesota Plan Gives Scholarships for Child Care

This message was included:

The government already invests in early education through Head Start, but according to [Art] Rolnick, the Head Start program has brought only a limited return on investment because the quality isnt high enough.

*Listen/Watch on*
Many stories at have audio or video content. When you visit the link
above, look for a "Listen" or "Watch" button.
For technical support, please visit NPR's Audio/Video Help page:

Support for NPR comes from A.G. Edwards.
A.G. Edwards has cared for nest eggs for over 120 years with a commitment to provide objective financial advice. <>

Friday, October 26, 2007

Web page recommendation

Barry ( has recommended this web page to you:

The following personal message was included:

Quote:"My suspicion is that there may not be an obvious reason for an African-American to get, say, a Ph.D. in physics, because they don't see any direct correlation with how they can take that back and help their community," Park said. "There are social problems in the community that they would probably like to address, and a lot of Ph.D.s are in areas that aren't seen as being able to help them directly give back."

I find this conjecture specious at best and carrying the taint of "Magical Negro Syndrome"... which I just made up. The interview subject (Jerry Park) recovers a bit here:"Possibly more impacting than the social problems of various communities is the fact that teenagers still very much employ the use of role models in decisions regarding their future, Park said."I am totally in the camp that argues that role modeling is of the utmost importance," Park said. "Race is still an important identifier in America, and it definitely makes a big difference as far as encouraging teenagers to apply to college and go on to earn a Ph.D"

Visit Baylor University on the web at .

Educational Opportunity  

If you know anyone that could use this, please pass this along.

Mark  Robbins,  Dean of Syracuse University's School of Architecture is desperately seeking young men and women of color interested in pursuing a  five year professional degree in Architecture.

He says he's deeply committed to bringing diversity to his field and has scholarship money set aside to fully cover education costs for 10 students. He says that Latino enrollment in the school has increased substantially, but it's harder to attract Blacks.

Syracuse University's School of Architecture has a great reputation and this seems like a terrific opportunity, so please pass this on to everyone you know.  

Contact:  Mark Robbins,  
Dean School of Architecture,  
315 - 443 - 2255  

PR Newswire news release: The Sallie Mae Fund Awards $2.5 Million in Co


The following news release from PR Newswire was sent to you by: Barry (

A message from Barry:
These scholarships are part of The Sallie Mae Fund's effort to increase
access to higher education for lower-income and minority students by
addressing three common barriers-awareness of financial aid, academic
performance and financial need. Since 2001, The Sallie Mae Fund has awarded
more than $12.7 million in scholarships to more than 5,000 students.

The Sallie Mae Fund Awards $2.5 Million in College Scholarships to More than 1,000 Students Nationwide This School Year

Full story:


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A United Business Media company (

Sallie Mae Fund Nationwide Paying for College Bus Tour Motors into Greater Washington, D.C., Area October 25-31 to Educate Families About Planning and Paying for College

Full story:


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Applications Being Accepted for ACCESS Student Internship
NASA is accepting applications for the Achieving Competence in Computing, Engineering and Space Science Internship Project. ACCESS is a 10-week internship project at NASA centers around the United States.
ACCESS is designed for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities who have strong backgrounds in science and a desire to pursue technical careers. ACCESS interns will work with scientists and engineers in an area compatible with their skills and interests.
ACCESS internships will be located at several NASA centers around the country. In addition to offering competitive salary stipends, NASA provides for assistive technology and other reasonable worksite accommodations needed by the student to be a fully productive member of the technology team. Limited travel funds and recommendations for finding accessible housing and transportation will be offered.
Applications are currently being accepted, and placements will be announced by April 30, 2007.
To find more information and to apply online, visit: < >

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Program Description: Spelman College, a histrocially black college for women, is pleased to announce the 2007 Howard Hughes Biomedical Summer Science Program. The program is a five week residential program for high school students interested in pursuing a career in biology, biochemistry, medicine or other life-science related fields. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an integrative science educational experience, while developing their laboratory, research and scientific literacy skills. Students will learn about the breadth and variety of biology disciplines by engaging in hands on projects and interacting with scientists in their "native" professional environment. The curriculum also provides students an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills by participating in group projects and scientific presentations.

Director or Coordinator: Ms. Tokiwa Smith
Contact Person: Ms. Tokiwa Smith, Howard Hughes Program Office - (404) 270-5855,

Sponsors: Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Spelman College Department of Biology

Start date: 06/17/2007
End date: 07/20/2007

Eligibility: Applicants must be female rising
12th graders enrolled in an accredited high school program*, have a
minimum GPA of 3.0 and have demonstrated an interest in science and
mathematics. Official transcripts must accompany applications for
applicants to be considered for the program. Attendance and full
participation are essential for achievement of program goals. Students
may not participate in other summer activities or programs concurrently
with the five-week HHMI program.

To apply click here.

Application Deadline - March 30, 2007 - (Applications must be postmarked
by the deadline)

Notification of Acceptance - April 27, 2007

*Students outside the state of Georgia may apply.

Applications must be completed on-line. The 1 page essay can be uploaded
on the online application and mailed separately.

Mail recommendations and official transcript to:
The Spelman College/Howard Hughes Summer Science Program
Spelman College, Department of Biology
P.O. Box 1183
350 Spelman Lane, SW
Atlanta, GA 30314-4399


The White House Internship Program offers an excellent opportunity to serve our President and explore public service. We are seeking exceptional candidates to apply for this highly competitive program. In addition to typical office duties, interns attend weekly lectures, tours, and complete an intern service project.
Interns may serve a term in the Fall, Spring or Summer. Every candidate must be a United States citizen, enrolled in a college or university, and at least 18 years of age.

An application and additional information about the program can be found at

Strong applications exhibit:
· sound academic credentials
· a history of community involvement and leadership
· solid verbal/written communication skills
· a demonstrated interest in public service

Applications should be submitted to Karen Race, Deputy Director and Intern Coordinator, White House Personnel, at on or before the following deadlines:
· March 6, 2007 for SUMMER 2007 -- (May 22 to August 24, 2007)
· June 26, 2007 for FALL 2007 -- (September 4 to December 14, 2007)

If you have questions you may contact Karen Race at (202) 456-5979 or .
We look forward to hearing from you.

The Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship was established in 1999
by Enterprise Community Partners, a national non-profit housing and
community development organization. The Fellowship creates
partnerships between emerging architects and community-based
organizations to direct the skills and passions of the architects in
the service of low and moderate-income communities. The Fellowship is
designed to promote the value of quality design and green building in
affordable housing and encourages architects to become lifelong
leaders in public service and community development. The Fellowship
honors the late Frederick P. Rose, the prominent developer and
philanthropist, who believed strongly in the value of good design and
the spirit of public service.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Sallie Mae Fund is partnering with the United Negro College Fund to offer scholarships to African American citizens, legal permanent residents or nationals of the United States who are enrolling full- time at an approved institution as defined as Title IV eligible, accredited, post-secondary two- or four- year college or university, vocational, or technical school in the United States or Puerto Rico for the approaching Fall Semester. Applicants must meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria and have a financial need as verified by the attending college or university financial aid office. Award Amount : $500 - $5,000 Deadline: April 15, 2007. Log onto for details.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Summer High School Program

S2M2 Vision:
To cultivate the next generation of top quality, culturally competent academic physicians and scientists.

S2M2 Mission:
To encourage, nurture, and enhance the commitment to science and medicine in a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment for groups of diverse high school students.

To develop leadership, teaching and mentoring skills among USU medical students and prospective students.

To provide long term mentoring and learning opportunities to students interested in pursuing a career in science and service in the context of military medicine.

The Office of Recruitment and Diversity (ORD) implemented the Science, Service, Medicine, and Mentoring (S2M2) program for the first time during the Summer of 2004. S2M2 was developed in order to help high school students, already interested in science and medicine, continue down the path that will lead them to achieve their goals. The program was established in cooperation with the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and especially the Admissions Department and the Office of Alumni Affairs.

S2M2 Program Enrollment information

S2M2 Enrollment

2007 Program Dates and Duration
S2M2 is an intensive five-day program. This year the program will be held twice, with one session being 23 -27 July and the other being held in 06 - 10 August. The program each day will start at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. There will be adult supervision until 6 p.m. Parents are encouraged to pick their children up in front of Building B between 5 and 6 p.m. daily. Up to 12 scholars will be accepted into each session.

Applicants for the S2M2 program must be high school students entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Applicants should be in good standing academically and have completed high school biology as a minimum. Scholars will be selected on the basis of scholastic achievement, interest in science and particularly in the field of medicine, leadership skills, a sense of community service, and personal attributes. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and must attend the entire session. Some activities will require working with a partner, and a student’s absence may adversely impact another’s performance. In addition, students must be able to arrive on time, as some activities may involve group transportation to another facility.

Application Procedure
Applicants must complete and submit a formal application package with all the required materials to be considered for acceptance. The package must include a completed application, a one-page essay explaining why you want to enter the health sciences/ medical profession and how you think this program will help achieve that, and one letter of recommendation from a high school science teacher or guidance counselor.

2007 S2M2 Application:

Word File - MS Word Required
PDF File - Acrobat Reader Required

Mail completed forms, essay and recommendation letters to:
LaRhonda Baker
S2M2 Program
Office of Recruitment & Diversity
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
The DOL, located in Washington, DC is current seeking applications from students interested in summer employment for 2007. High School Students; minimum age 16 years old, College Undergraduates, and Graduate Students are encouraged to apply for this valuable federal temporry employment opportunity. Students are not required to have any specific major to participate in this program. The application deadline for summer employment is March 16, 2007 (received or postmarked by).

U.S. Department of Labor
Office of the Secretary
Secretary Elaine L. Chao 2007 Internship Program
Applying to DOL's Internship Program

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Please contact:
Melissa Naudin
Internship Director
202-693-6490 - Phone
202-693-6144 - Fax